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RomaTrial is a transcultural Roma self-organization and interactive platform with the goal to bring the complex problems of antigypsyism on stage, screen and in the ether – but especially in the heads of society. Our focus is on film and art festivals, cultural and political education work for young people and adults, creative theater and film projects, summer schools and seminars against antigypsyism and cultural events with a meaning.



RomaTrial is the initiator and leader of the first self-organized Biennial of and with Roma artists from across Europe, an interdisciplinary festival of art, music, discourse and performance! The first Roma Biennale took place on the occasion of the International Roma Day in April 2018 at the Maxim Gorki Theater. It combined specific exclusion experiences with individual artistic perspectives and feminist strategies to provoke visibility and self-determination.

Damian Le Bas - Earth Globe / Retrospective @ Roma Biennale
Sandra & Simonida Selimovic at Come Out Now! - The Long Night of Coming Out
Delaine Le Bas in Romani Embassy / Roma Biennale


Antigypsyism makes you blind. Blind to the diverse, complex reality around us, which does not correspond to the widespread stereotypes about Roma and Sinti. That’s why we called to life AKE DIKHEA? The Festival of Romani Film, which independently presents different Roma perspectives. The first edition took place in October 2017 at the Moviemento cinema in Berlin.

The Jury of Ake Dikhea
The audience of Ake Dikhea
Hamze Bytyci on Ake Dikhea? in Moviemento

Adolf Reichwein Mobile against Racism

Inspired by the media educator and resistance fighter Adolf Reichwein we offer workshops against antigypsyism with different formats and different duration.

According to your individual wishes, we use elements of theater and media education, input units, interactive exercises from the work on anti-racism, we discuss film excerpts or media articles. Contact us for an individual offer!

The Adolf Reichwein Mobile against Racism is winner of the TakeOff Award 2016 in the category “Education”

Take Off Award für RomaTrial e.V.

We are thankful to “Holiday Inn Berlin Airport” for organizing the TakeOff Awards, as well as the sponsors of the Prize for Education, the “vier freunde”!

Alliance for Solidarity with the Sinti and Roma of Europe

Sinti and Roma – the largest minority of Europe – are experiencing prejudice, exclusion and discrimination across the continent. That’s why we launched the Alliance for Solidarity with Europe’s Sinti and Roma in 2015, together with the Foundation Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, which currently unites 26 organizations in the fight against antigypsyism and hosts ROMADAY, the International Day of the Roma since 2016.


Since his health was ruined by lifelong work in the mining industry, JOŽKA has been working tirelessly to fight for a better, fairer society and against the ongoing discrimination against Roma in the Czech Republic, which is embodied by the pig farm at the place of the former Roma Lety concentration camp.

RomaTrial e.V.

Transcultural self-organization of Roma and non-Roma

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